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Miramare Cagliari, hotel museum

A luxurious residence with a view towards the sea, to which you can return whenever you need a suggestive refuge in the center of the city.

A maison of other times in the heart of the city

An intertwining of history, stories and cultures that from the port of Cagliari reaches the noble floor of Palazzo Marini-Devoto.
Art, colors, spaces, furnishings and fabrics tell about epochs and places to come and to come.
A charming residence with a view towards the sea, a maison in which to find a suggestive refuge in the center of Cagliari.

Art, beauty, warmth

A hotel that tells of travels and people, where objects that already belonged to other travelers come back to life in front of the surprised gaze of today's traveler.
Unique places where art and poetry mix between late 19th century novels and contemporary design. Sacred and profane chase each other in the corridors, among the scents of orchids and the notes of familiar music.

All you need, here and now

A concierge always attentive to your requests to make you experience Sardinia as a protagonist, from the flavors of tradition to the experience of a sunset over the vestiges of the past.

A car available to discover unusual itineraries.

Tailor-made luxury treatments for travelers and four-legged guests.

Attention and care that you will find only at Miramare, your Maison de Charme in Sardinia.


What Clients Are Saying

“Dream hotel museum, clean, elegant and welcoming, to be visited also as a cultural gallery, collectibles chosen with refined care! In the center of Cagliari, with a breathtaking view of the port. "

Annalucia Carboni - Google

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